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Pro tips to clean and maintain your roof

The maintenance of a house and especially its equipment, such as the roof, ensures its durability. Find out how to remove moss and vegetation from your roof.

Once a year clean your roof

The cleaning of the roof of a habitat must be done every year, especially the de-foaming. Indeed, a roof gets dirty quickly and it is frequent that it is covered with moss or lichen. Two techniques can be used for cleaning a roof:

The first is the most classic. It involves scrubbing dirt and parasites with a stiff brush and water. To avoid damaging the materials under the burgundy, you should only polish the outside of the tiles and rinse with water from top to bottom. Then, remove the large debris to avoid clogging the gutters.

The second is more efficient, but it can corrode tiles that get dirty more easily. It requires the use of a pressurized cleaner. It is advisable to cut the branches of trees that reach the top of the roof to avoid dead leaves.

Protect your roof with a water repellent treatment

For de-foaming, spray the roof with algaecide or antifoam to remove plant traces, preferably when there is no wind. A water repellent treatment protects the cover from damage caused by climate and pollution. The product should be allowed to rest for 24 hours before rinsing.

Inspect your roof several times a year

To keep a roof in good condition, it is necessary to inspect all the elements constituting this one. Among them, there is the frame and screen under roof that are durable and do not require maintenance. There are also attics that are visited several times a year to check the infiltration of water and the presence of moisture under the roof and insulation.

For openings, it is essential to remove leaves and other debris. All this work must be done once a year to avoid problems of sealing and insulation. Subsequently, the roof terrace, including the cladding, must be cleaned regularly.

Tiles, slates and shingles made of wood, concrete, stone and stone are to be maintained regularly. It is different for zinc. Rainwater outlets such as gutters should be inspected at least once a year to check for leaks, clogging and removal of debris.

Eliminate dirt and black from pollution on the roof

If you want to carry out a fast and efficient cleaning, black traces of pollution, atmospheric soiling or in case of a heavy fouling, Cleaning products have an immediate effect, but limited in time. This is why this step is essential to facilitate the removal of soil and micro-organisms that are on the surface before the application of the treatment product. For long lasting effects you should contact with Lufkin Roofing Companies.