Air conditioning is an increasingly common item in the entire house globally

A few years back it was considered an expensive equipment and extreme luxury. But, now its price has become popular due to the development of new technologies. In addition to good equipment, a good installation is very important for the proper functioning of the entire system. Air conditioning equipment can regulate the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the environment. In order to know more about the Air conditioning installation Geelong, you can always seek help online. Before continuing, it is interesting to clarify what is and how is the operation of split equipment. Split air conditioners are the most popular, have good technology and the price is affordable. They are composed of two parts.

  • Evaporator that is internal to the house and is responsible for the distribution of air treated in the environment
  • Condenser that is external to the house, it is through this equipment that the air of the environment is renewed.

Definition of air conditioning capacity

The first step is to ensure that your air conditioning is suitable for the environment where it will be installed. Capacity is a function of the size of the environment and the incidence of the sun at this location, whether it is morning sun or afternoon sun.

Electrical Installation  

Tips for installing air conditioning It is important to note what voltage the equipment needs to operate and what voltage is available in your home. If the power supply is horny that the equipment needs, 127 or 220v, that’s fine.

Location of the evaporator  

The installation of the evaporator (internal equipment) must be chosen with care. It is indicated that the airflow is parallel to the largest dimension of the environment. In addition, you should avoid installing the evaporator away from heat sources and electronic equipment, because of the risk of drainage failure and start dripping water on the equipment. Of course you should also not install the equipment behind furniture, curtains or near any object that prevents the airflow.

Condenser installation location  

To install the condenser (external equipment), you must take into account the position of the evaporator, in order to rationalize the use and pipes. Another tip is to place the condenser in place with the lowest incidence of sun possible. Place in a well ventilated place and avoid alleys, corridors and garages.

Water drainage  

Water drainage is another essential care. The drainage process is by gravity, so you should avoid the following problems

Curve near drainage outlet

If it is not possible to eliminate water by gravity, it is interesting to install a small pump. Failures in the drainage system may lead to gutters in the interior of the room and infiltration into the walls where piping is present.

Materials needed  

In addition to all the tools required for any type of installation, you will need materials that are specific for this purpose. Refrigeration Tubing they are pipes in copper or aluminum, with gauges and thicknesses according to the capacity of your equipment. Electrical Installation Piping This tubing is sized according to the capacity of the equipment and wiring required.

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