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Airborne & Impact Sound Testing in London

Sound Testing usually needs to be carried out between pairs of rooms separated by party walls and/or floors. Most sound tests are carried out between living rooms and bedrooms as these are classed as the two main habitable rooms; however, other rooms can be used if this is not possible such as studies, kitchens and dining rooms.

Our Sound insulation testing procedure is fairly simple and straightforward. Essentially, for party walls there is only one type of sound insulation test which is airborne sound test; however for party floors there is a requirement for two types of sound insulation testing – airborne & impact sound testing. Here is a brief description for each type:

Airborne Sound Testing in London

Airborne Sound Testing is carried out by means of a loudspeaker emitting a steady source of noise on one side of the partition (wall or floor) to be measured. The corresponding sound level is measured on the other side of the partition. Impact sound insulation tests are carried out by means of a tapping machine placed on the floor sample to be measured and the noise measured in the room or space below. Calculations are done based on these measurement and the above mentioned parameters are calculated and compared to the Building Regulations Part E sound insulation requirements for the given type of the building. It is important that the building to be sound tested is completely finished and sealed with no sound leakage through doors and windows.  Please see our check list for sound testing for more information.

Airborne sound insulation testing is undertaken to walls & floors. Firstly a controlled noise is generated by an amplifier and loudspeaker across a broad range of frequencies. The generated noise is very loud and is often in excess of 100dB. Initial measurements are taken using a class 1 sound level meter within the ‘source room’ followed by further measurements in the ‘receiver room’ on the other side of the wall or floor under investigation. The source room speaker position is then changed and the measurements repeated either side of the partition under test. Thereafter background noise measurements are made using a class 1 sound level meter in the receiving room and are used to apply appropriate corrections for external sound such as traffic noise. Similarly the reverberation time (the time taken for sound to decay by 60dB) is measured within the receiving room using the sound source and a sound level meter to determine the corrections that must be applied to account for the characteristics and absorptiveness of the room. The difference in the two airborne noise levels (for walls and floors), corrected for background and reverberation characteristics determines the airborne sound insulation performance of the wall, or floor. A greater airborne noise difference between the source room and the receiver room determines a higher airborne sound insulation performance.

The time taken to undertake sound testing varies from project to project as no site is exactly the same. Taking into account standard site conditions a set of tests on houses -two airborne walls will take one to two hours. A six pack of tests on flats – 2 airborne wall tests will usually take between one and two hours, although this is dependent on our engineers having full free uninterrupted access between all the units/rooms under investigation.

Impact Sound Testing in London

Impact sound testing is undertaken to floors only. This test is different; a calibrated Norsonic ‘tapping machine’ which comprises of five ‘hammers’ driven up and down by a cam and electric motor is used to “tap” the floor surface by applying a known force on the floor structure. The machine is placed in several pre-determined positions. The resulting noise is measured in the dwelling below, using a sound level meter. Thereafter, background noise measurements are made using a class 1 sound level meter in the receiving room and are used to apply appropriate corrections for external sound such as traffic noise. Similarly the reverberation time (the time taken for sound to decay by 60dB) is measured within the receiving room using the sound source and a sound level meter to determine the corrections that must be applied to allow for the characteristics and absorptiveness of the room.

The time undertaken to test each project varies from project to project as no building/development is exactly the same. Taking into account standard site conditions a set of tests on houses which consists of two airborne walls will take approx. 1-2 hours. A six pack of tests on flats consisting of 2 airborne wall, 2 airborne floor and 2 impact floor tests will usually take approx. 2-3 hours, although this is dependent on our engineers having full free uninterrupted access between all the units/rooms under investigation.

If you require sound testing, and/or acoustic design advice then please contact us now at or phone Darren) direct on 07775623464. You can also visit our blog at:  or visit our website at

Air conditioning is an increasingly common item in the entire house globally

A few years back it was considered an expensive equipment and extreme luxury. But, now its price has become popular due to the development of new technologies. In addition to good equipment, a good installation is very important for the proper functioning of the entire system. Air conditioning equipment can regulate the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the environment. In order to know more about the Air conditioning installation Geelong, you can always seek help online. Before continuing, it is interesting to clarify what is and how is the operation of split equipment. Split air conditioners are the most popular, have good technology and the price is affordable. They are composed of two parts.

  • Evaporator that is internal to the house and is responsible for the distribution of air treated in the environment
  • Condenser that is external to the house, it is through this equipment that the air of the environment is renewed.

Definition of air conditioning capacity

The first step is to ensure that your air conditioning is suitable for the environment where it will be installed. Capacity is a function of the size of the environment and the incidence of the sun at this location, whether it is morning sun or afternoon sun.

Electrical Installation  

Tips for installing air conditioning It is important to note what voltage the equipment needs to operate and what voltage is available in your home. If the power supply is horny that the equipment needs, 127 or 220v, that’s fine.

Location of the evaporator  

The installation of the evaporator (internal equipment) must be chosen with care. It is indicated that the airflow is parallel to the largest dimension of the environment. In addition, you should avoid installing the evaporator away from heat sources and electronic equipment, because of the risk of drainage failure and start dripping water on the equipment. Of course you should also not install the equipment behind furniture, curtains or near any object that prevents the airflow.

Condenser installation location  

To install the condenser (external equipment), you must take into account the position of the evaporator, in order to rationalize the use and pipes. Another tip is to place the condenser in place with the lowest incidence of sun possible. Place in a well ventilated place and avoid alleys, corridors and garages.

Water drainage  

Water drainage is another essential care. The drainage process is by gravity, so you should avoid the following problems

Curve near drainage outlet

If it is not possible to eliminate water by gravity, it is interesting to install a small pump. Failures in the drainage system may lead to gutters in the interior of the room and infiltration into the walls where piping is present.

Materials needed  

In addition to all the tools required for any type of installation, you will need materials that are specific for this purpose. Refrigeration Tubing they are pipes in copper or aluminum, with gauges and thicknesses according to the capacity of your equipment. Electrical Installation Piping This tubing is sized according to the capacity of the equipment and wiring required.

Pro tips to clean and maintain your roof

The maintenance of a house and especially its equipment, such as the roof, ensures its durability. Find out how to remove moss and vegetation from your roof.

Once a year clean your roof

The cleaning of the roof of a habitat must be done every year, especially the de-foaming. Indeed, a roof gets dirty quickly and it is frequent that it is covered with moss or lichen. Two techniques can be used for cleaning a roof:

The first is the most classic. It involves scrubbing dirt and parasites with a stiff brush and water. To avoid damaging the materials under the burgundy, you should only polish the outside of the tiles and rinse with water from top to bottom. Then, remove the large debris to avoid clogging the gutters.

The second is more efficient, but it can corrode tiles that get dirty more easily. It requires the use of a pressurized cleaner. It is advisable to cut the branches of trees that reach the top of the roof to avoid dead leaves.

Protect your roof with a water repellent treatment

For de-foaming, spray the roof with algaecide or antifoam to remove plant traces, preferably when there is no wind. A water repellent treatment protects the cover from damage caused by climate and pollution. The product should be allowed to rest for 24 hours before rinsing.

Inspect your roof several times a year

To keep a roof in good condition, it is necessary to inspect all the elements constituting this one. Among them, there is the frame and screen under roof that are durable and do not require maintenance. There are also attics that are visited several times a year to check the infiltration of water and the presence of moisture under the roof and insulation.

For openings, it is essential to remove leaves and other debris. All this work must be done once a year to avoid problems of sealing and insulation. Subsequently, the roof terrace, including the cladding, must be cleaned regularly.

Tiles, slates and shingles made of wood, concrete, stone and stone are to be maintained regularly. It is different for zinc. Rainwater outlets such as gutters should be inspected at least once a year to check for leaks, clogging and removal of debris.

Eliminate dirt and black from pollution on the roof

If you want to carry out a fast and efficient cleaning, black traces of pollution, atmospheric soiling or in case of a heavy fouling, Cleaning products have an immediate effect, but limited in time. This is why this step is essential to facilitate the removal of soil and micro-organisms that are on the surface before the application of the treatment product. For long lasting effects you should contact with Lufkin Roofing Companies.


Choose the curtains according to decor

If what we are looking for is to incorporate a decorative element, we must take into account a large number of factors, such as the style of the room, the color of the furniture and the walls, or the shape and size of the windows. There are a variety of styles, types of curtains and prices to suit the needs of each home.


As for the decoration of the curtain itself, it is necessary to avoid mixing prints, since this would produce a slightly charged and chaotic effect. So, if the upholstery of the furniture in your living room is printed, the curtains should be smooth, or, at best, with a basic print of stripes or gingham frames. You can also go for good motorised curtain.

The colors of the curtains

It can also be very interesting the combination of colors and fabrics to get a nice decoration. For large windows as there may be in the living room, you could combine blackout curtains in dark colors with other fine much lighter shades. This can be very handy addition, since the thick curtains can be closed at times more sun and fine can contribute to privacy when it is not necessary to control the entry of light. In turn, it is important to note that the darker colors make the room look smaller and vice versa.

How your food consumption be the cause of jaundice

Now we are going to see what can be eaten. Since jaundice is severely affected by the liver, and our food consumption interacts directly with the liver, the diet should pay special attention. As you know, in order to relieve liver life, it is necessary to eat light “products”. Your diet should be in most foods rich in carbohydrates and low in fat is highly desirable. Fruits and vegetables should be the basis of your diet, before using them you should wash thoroughly. In any case, do not eat heavy foods: fatty, fried, smoked, spicy, sweet and alcohol. Drink as much as possible of mineral water and fresh fruit juices.

Prevention of jaundice

If you want to warn yourself of the occurrence deictericia the first thing to be protected from the appearance of the body of hepatitis A. In summary, we have described, which is a consequence of the onset of the disease in the body, but still repeat. Any food, especially fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly before use, or before cooking.

Discard the water from the source and the tap, or use them after boiling thoroughly. Doctors are advised to use only tested and certified water, both for drinking and for cooking.The last prophylactic treatment of jaundice – is vaccination. In Russia, vaccination against hepatitis A is optional, and is administered to all children unless the parents have not given a written denial. The answer to the question: if you are going to do vaccination against hepatitis A or not – will make every man. In view of the fact that hepatitis A can leave a negative imprint on the body for life, that is, it will not pass without a trace, or give rise to difficult consequences, albeit with a very small probability, after inoculation performs better On the other hand, the need for vaccination against hepatitis A appears virtually every doctor. Now you can rent your phototherapy for home treatment with us now.


Best Service With the Best Flooring Now

Here you choose an apartment that perfectly matches the atmosphere of your hotel, restaurant or cafe. The simplicity and ease of maintenance is also an important factor.

These floors must withstand much: dishes that fall, paths of travel of customers and staff, seats and chairs that slide. A floor of a place where food service is provided must be able to withstand much demand.

Parquet or parquetVinyl?

TheParquetVinyl floors are, at least, class 33 of wear. Also a parquet floor is usually chosen due to the natural and warm sensation. Porcelain floors are coatings made of high quality ceramic. Its finish and texture makes them blend perfectly in any space. With the well known singapore flooring company you can expect the best.

Characteristics of porcelain

The name porcelanato arose from its association with porcelain, the only clay that can be melted 100% and subjected to high temperatures. It is ideal for high traffic floors and for areas where high hardness, low porosity and minimum water absorption surfaces are required.

  • It represents very well the design of much more expensive natural materials, such as stone and marble.
  • By not absorbing water, it is resistant to adverse weather factors, particularly frost.
  • It is suitable for use as an exterior cladding.

Soluble salt: Once the product is pressed, soluble salts are added to the surface, which penetrate between 1 and 2 mm above the surface.

Double load: Also known as “technical porcelain”, consider a double pressing on the first layer (6-8 mm thick) and a second layer (2.3 mm), with a porcelain that is colored, giving an effect to a decoration .

The hiring of the company that offers us the most suitable services to our needs is very important so that our company stays in the best possible conditions. However, there are some issues that we should not forget:

It is important to make workers aware that they stain as little as possible. The more dirty and messy things left by the employees, the more work the cleaning staff will have. Therefore, more time will have to invest in sanitation and more expensive will cost this service in our business. For example, if our office has an office to mop the coffee cups, it would be better for each employee to clean his coffee when he stains it. If we accumulate dirty dishes in the pile, the person in charge of the disinfection work will take much longer to carry out the cleaning of offices. Make sure that the contract you choose, in addition to keeping the office collected every week, periodically clean your company in depth. The curtains, carpets, rugs, kitchens and bathrooms also need a general cleaning done to detail. On many occasions, the disinfection of this furniture must be done with specific machinery, which should be available to the company you select. The well known part time maid is the best person for the same now.

The TempSmart Range of Dunlopillo Mattresses

The TempSmart range of Dunlopillo mattresses is unique in that they are built of 100% vegetable oil with microcapsules that provide climate control no matter what the weather. This clever process will draw heat away from the body to keep cool in summer and releases stored heat where necessary on those really cold nights. The really impressive point is that this whole process works individually on two different bodies in the same bed, so that each person can be perfectly comfortable, even when they both have different body temperature levels.


The TempSmart range of Dunlopillo mattresses incorporate the classic 100% Dunlopillo latex, with the already proven Harmonize layer on top and the whole thing topped off with the unique TempSmart layer. A winning combination to ensure that every person will find themselves warm and snug on winter nights and cool and comfortable on the hottest summer nights; sleeping on their choice of firm to soft mattress. To buy online, find out more here.


Dunlopillo Mattresses Aid Restful Sleep


Dunlopillo mattresses are designed to give maximum comfort and ensure a restful night’s sleep. The Dunlopillo Company has worked for over 30 years to develop the ultimate in comfortable mattresses, beds and pillows. The use of Dunlopillo 100% latex guarantees the user to be comfortable and relaxed while sleeping in order to awake refreshed and ready to start the day. There are such a wide variety of Dunlopillo mattresses to choose from that every individual is guaranteed to find the right one to suit them.

From the very firm to the most luxurious soft; from classic latex to dual climate control specials; the options are endless.


Choose from the Classic, Harmonize, or TempSmart ranges; each featuring several models and designs of top-quality Dunlopillo mattresses. Team these with Dunlopillo divan bases and pillows and you have an ideal combination for an incredible night’s sleep in the most comfortable bed imaginable, whatever your taste or your partner’s.

The use of SEO tools – Introduction

If you want to try to improve the local rankings of yours by yourself, then you will be knowing that just by having my business profile in google is not enough to show or expose the Google’s map pack. To optimize your listing, there is a lot of work that need to be done which will be ranking in the higher position. The first thing you need to do is to see whether there is a duplicate listing as one of the most common causes or the reasons generally the businesses will be struggling with the local search engine optimization is because of the fact that they have a duplicate my business listing. For more and detailed info regarding SEO and its tools please visit the website of LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO.

About the tools

Setting it up may be forgotten by you, you may not even have the idea about it, but it is shocking to know that this very common issue. By using an online tool to view whether there are the duplicate listings for the business of yours.

Add Relevant categories

The second one is that adding of much more relevant and equivalent categories. by adding the categories, it makes a great way so that your local search engine optimization presence will be increased. there are also lots of categories that you can realize them most probably. You have to think it outside of the box so that more relevant categories can be viewed so that they can be added to your business. As long as they are in relevance, they can help. You have to keep this in mind. On the other side you can look at what all the categories your competitors have been using.

Get The NAP Organized

The third one is that you need to get your NAP organised or sorted. If you have finished your local SEO of yours, you will be knowing that the google will be using your business NAP which means name, address and the phone number so that to verify and associate business of yours. Because of this purpose you will be needed to make them sure that your phone number and the business address is to be found in the form of text on website of yours. If it is possible then you can put it on each and every page. The fourth one is that you need to make sure that everywhere you are listed, and the final thing is that customer reviews need to be increased.

An overview of Reconstruction of a building

Demolition, a building, is an excellent process of reconstructing our old home into a new one. It takes more time to complete, and it is not at all an easy task to utilise the process. The demolition service can be divided into two parts namely non-explosive demolition and explosive demolition. The first one indicates the work that is done not in an in-depth manner but the latter deals with the depth in that reconstructing the building.

 Mostly, to purchase residential or commercial property and also enhance or remodel to your very own requirements, that’s just what the majority of regular individuals do when buying a home. Few seek to acquire a building with the intents of destroying the whole point leaving only the land that it rests. The majority of people in many situations would not take a look at purchasing a residential or commercial property to destroy the existing structure on that time it will be useful to know about demolition svc for building yet there are a couple of individuals around that will do definitely anything to obtain precisely just what they desire and have an question why to do this things?

Factors for the demolition of a structure

Well, it might be that you have located the ideal place however not the best home or maybe that you have found a location where the existing building does not maximise the story that it rests. Some individuals might have established that it is also more affordable and too even more inexpensive to destroy the existing structure than to restore it or prolong it to obtain it to their demanding requirements. These are the main factors for the demolition of a structure in its whole.

So thinking you have preferred to drop the path of structure demolition, it makes sure you have factored in all the expenses connected with it. Or must you have not factored these into the formula after that make sure you will undoubtedly be taking a close take a look at constructing demolition svc for building and also just what it set you back’s to destroy a whole structure.

Well to start with there is the price of obtaining specialists into squash the building as well as destroy just what structure or structures get on the existing story. After that then has been done and also the structure has been entirely squashed as well as destroyed they will have to take the debris and even get rid of this in the proper mansion seeing to it every little thing is taken care of in a secure as well as eco-friendly means. If the initial structure had been initially created making use of harmful products such as asbestos after that this might confirm expensive and also harder to deal with compared to various other much less hazardous products so bear it on the mind.
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