Best Service With the Best Flooring Now

Here you choose an apartment that perfectly matches the atmosphere of your hotel, restaurant or cafe. The simplicity and ease of maintenance is also an important factor.

These floors must withstand much: dishes that fall, paths of travel of customers and staff, seats and chairs that slide. A floor of a place where food service is provided must be able to withstand much demand.

Parquet or parquetVinyl?

TheParquetVinyl floors are, at least, class 33 of wear. Also a parquet floor is usually chosen due to the natural and warm sensation. Porcelain floors are coatings made of high quality ceramic. Its finish and texture makes them blend perfectly in any space. With the well known singapore flooring company you can expect the best.

Characteristics of porcelain

The name porcelanato arose from its association with porcelain, the only clay that can be melted 100% and subjected to high temperatures. It is ideal for high traffic floors and for areas where high hardness, low porosity and minimum water absorption surfaces are required.

  • It represents very well the design of much more expensive natural materials, such as stone and marble.
  • By not absorbing water, it is resistant to adverse weather factors, particularly frost.
  • It is suitable for use as an exterior cladding.

Soluble salt: Once the product is pressed, soluble salts are added to the surface, which penetrate between 1 and 2 mm above the surface.

Double load: Also known as “technical porcelain”, consider a double pressing on the first layer (6-8 mm thick) and a second layer (2.3 mm), with a porcelain that is colored, giving an effect to a decoration .

The hiring of the company that offers us the most suitable services to our needs is very important so that our company stays in the best possible conditions. However, there are some issues that we should not forget:

It is important to make workers aware that they stain as little as possible. The more dirty and messy things left by the employees, the more work the cleaning staff will have. Therefore, more time will have to invest in sanitation and more expensive will cost this service in our business. For example, if our office has an office to mop the coffee cups, it would be better for each employee to clean his coffee when he stains it. If we accumulate dirty dishes in the pile, the person in charge of the disinfection work will take much longer to carry out the cleaning of offices. Make sure that the contract you choose, in addition to keeping the office collected every week, periodically clean your company in depth. The curtains, carpets, rugs, kitchens and bathrooms also need a general cleaning done to detail. On many occasions, the disinfection of this furniture must be done with specific machinery, which should be available to the company you select. The well known part time maid is the best person for the same now.

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