Choose the curtains according to decor

If what we are looking for is to incorporate a decorative element, we must take into account a large number of factors, such as the style of the room, the color of the furniture and the walls, or the shape and size of the windows. There are a variety of styles, types of curtains and prices to suit the needs of each home.


As for the decoration of the curtain itself, it is necessary to avoid mixing prints, since this would produce a slightly charged and chaotic effect. So, if the upholstery of the furniture in your living room is printed, the curtains should be smooth, or, at best, with a basic print of stripes or gingham frames. You can also go for good motorised curtain.

The colors of the curtains

It can also be very interesting the combination of colors and fabrics to get a nice decoration. For large windows as there may be in the living room, you could combine blackout curtains in dark colors with other fine much lighter shades. This can be very handy addition, since the thick curtains can be closed at times more sun and fine can contribute to privacy when it is not necessary to control the entry of light. In turn, it is important to note that the darker colors make the room look smaller and vice versa.

How your food consumption be the cause of jaundice

Now we are going to see what can be eaten. Since jaundice is severely affected by the liver, and our food consumption interacts directly with the liver, the diet should pay special attention. As you know, in order to relieve liver life, it is necessary to eat light “products”. Your diet should be in most foods rich in carbohydrates and low in fat is highly desirable. Fruits and vegetables should be the basis of your diet, before using them you should wash thoroughly. In any case, do not eat heavy foods: fatty, fried, smoked, spicy, sweet and alcohol. Drink as much as possible of mineral water and fresh fruit juices.

Prevention of jaundice

If you want to warn yourself of the occurrence deictericia the first thing to be protected from the appearance of the body of hepatitis A. In summary, we have described, which is a consequence of the onset of the disease in the body, but still repeat. Any food, especially fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly before use, or before cooking.

Discard the water from the source and the tap, or use them after boiling thoroughly. Doctors are advised to use only tested and certified water, both for drinking and for cooking.The last prophylactic treatment of jaundice – is vaccination. In Russia, vaccination against hepatitis A is optional, and is administered to all children unless the parents have not given a written denial. The answer to the question: if you are going to do vaccination against hepatitis A or not – will make every man. In view of the fact that hepatitis A can leave a negative imprint on the body for life, that is, it will not pass without a trace, or give rise to difficult consequences, albeit with a very small probability, after inoculation performs better On the other hand, the need for vaccination against hepatitis A appears virtually every doctor. Now you can rent your phototherapy for home treatment with us now.


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