The TempSmart Range of Dunlopillo Mattresses

The TempSmart range of Dunlopillo mattresses is unique in that they are built of 100% vegetable oil with microcapsules that provide climate control no matter what the weather. This clever process will draw heat away from the body to keep cool in summer and releases stored heat where necessary on those really cold nights. The really impressive point is that this whole process works individually on two different bodies in the same bed, so that each person can be perfectly comfortable, even when they both have different body temperature levels.


The TempSmart range of Dunlopillo mattresses incorporate the classic 100% Dunlopillo latex, with the already proven Harmonize layer on top and the whole thing topped off with the unique TempSmart layer. A winning combination to ensure that every person will find themselves warm and snug on winter nights and cool and comfortable on the hottest summer nights; sleeping on their choice of firm to soft mattress. To buy online, find out more here.


Dunlopillo Mattresses Aid Restful Sleep


Dunlopillo mattresses are designed to give maximum comfort and ensure a restful night’s sleep. The Dunlopillo Company has worked for over 30 years to develop the ultimate in comfortable mattresses, beds and pillows. The use of Dunlopillo 100% latex guarantees the user to be comfortable and relaxed while sleeping in order to awake refreshed and ready to start the day. There are such a wide variety of Dunlopillo mattresses to choose from that every individual is guaranteed to find the right one to suit them.

From the very firm to the most luxurious soft; from classic latex to dual climate control specials; the options are endless.


Choose from the Classic, Harmonize, or TempSmart ranges; each featuring several models and designs of top-quality Dunlopillo mattresses. Team these with Dunlopillo divan bases and pillows and you have an ideal combination for an incredible night’s sleep in the most comfortable bed imaginable, whatever your taste or your partner’s.

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